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Our Pact

The crescent moon slipped out from behind the clouds, and smirked at me. But this was no laughing matter. For the stars were fading, and the sun was sinking. I was alone as the dark killed the lights.

It was just another dream, but it was different in its delivery. Subtle but sudden all wrapped in one. I was the center of all that's gone wrong. You were as distant as the day is long.

So when I crawled from beneath the surface, to see the world burned. I tiptoed through the ruins and rubble, but what had we learned. No one was left to stand beside me, a crimson color was all I could see. I had survived with blood stained on my hands. I had survived but with him I'd have to stand.

As I walked among these bodies, a wishing well I found. I reached deep in my pants pockets, and pulled a quarter to my eye. The year engraved upon the front was 1985.

Same as the year when I took my first breath. And as I held it for a moment I wished that it would grant me death. So I could lay with all my friends, cause there was nothing left to fear. Except to stand here all alone, as no voices filled my ears.

Cause I'm as shallow as the well, that sits in front of me. And if I'm truly so enlightened, why the hell can't I see. That when I gave in and took the hand, of the devil on that day. That he'd be standing right beside me, and I wouldn't turn away.

So I'm doomed to have more dreams, as empty as my heart. I'm doomed to pile these bodies, into his endless shopping cart.

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