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Kat's Creep of the Week: The Mike Look Alike

As it's been mentioned multiple times throughout this podcast - I am not a fan of reading. I am move of a visual person and have a tough time just focusing on reading a WHOLE book. Fun fact though, I did take bookmaking class in grad school and actually know how to cover and bind a book by hand! I don't know if I would ever come across a time where I will actually need that skill, but who knows!

This creep of the week came from a book sitting on an end table in our living room. Mike was talking about this book on a previous podcast on books that he would recommend to our listeners, "John Dies At The End." I walked by and saw the cover one day and thought, "Oh My God...... it's MIKE!" Needless to say, I told him and he didn't quite see the resemblance right away, but after I did a little photoshopping to get the point across, he understood.

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