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Kat's Creep of the Week: Sharks with Legs

Being the member of this podcast who is "most easily frightened" I thought it would be appropriate to start a little segment called "Kat's Creep of the Week". We mentioned this on one of our most recent episodes and it's basically something (anything really) that I find creepy that week. Pretty simple – it really can be anything!

This weeks creep of the week came about when we were all chatting about phobias over a few beers when we were out downtown. We got talking about things that would be scarier if they had legs. NOTE: You can 100% go down a rabbit hole of googling different animals with legs that don't have them and be super creeped out at all the results – this was what we talked about that creeped me out this week. A shark with legs.

If a shark had legs, would it just walk up to you on the beach and eat your face off? How would it breathe? Would my beach time be over for the foreseeable future – YES! Would they be long legs or small legs? Would it move around like a seal flopping around or would it be upright like a person? Could they actually evolve and really grow legs?!

So many questions, I'm getting anxious just thinking about it.

What would be creepy to you if it had feet?

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