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Kat's Creep of the Week: My Little Gremlin

You have all heard the loud, obnoxious, interrupting bark from our hound dog, Otis, on the podcast. No matter if we keep him upstairs, or if he is gnawing on a bone right next to me while we record, he is ALWAYS A LOUD PAIN IN THE ASS! But we still love him anyways.

I swear I won't be diving too deep into comparing Mike and Otis to other things in every blog post, but why not one more for now! They are in my everyday life and those are the things that scare me the MOST!

One of our nicknames for Otis when he gets into a mood is a Gremlin. Just for fun, let's put them side by side and see what you think. Do I live with a Gremlin? Do you see the resemblance? I vote YES! Poor Little Otis Gremlin!

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