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Introducing the Hometown Haunts and Hops Horror Convention!

When Kat, Andrew & I had the idea to start our show back in 2019, we had no idea where the experience would take us.

We’ve had a lot of laughs, talked to a lot of really interesting people, worked with some really cool partners, brought on a fourth full-time member (Howdy, Matthew), and even joined a local podcast network (Thank You, Inebri-Art). It really has been a ton of fun and served as an outlet to be creative and talk about horror with friends.

One thing we’ve always wanted to be a part of, and have had extensive behind the scenes conversations about, is incorporating some sort of live experience into the show.

After all, we do have “America’s Hometown” in our name, and we love Plymouth. Since Kat & I moved here over 10 years ago, we’ve made a ton of friends and extensively researched all of the best places to nosh and imbibe around town.

Long story short: Plymouth is important to us and we love being a part of the community. With that being said, it is our absolute honor to help bring to the people of Plymouth…


We’ve all been working with our buddy Andy Driscoll (from the aforementioned Inebri-Art) behind the scenes on this event for the last several months, and it’s incredibly exciting to see everything coming together. There will be panels, vendors, live podcasts, trivia, costume contests, horror movies, participation from the local haunt industry and maybe even a few celebrity appearances. And... oh yeah, lots of beer(!) courtesy of our friends at Mayflower Brewing Company.

While I can't reveal all the details just yet, I can say that you will certainly NOT be disappointed.

I'm also thrilled to announce that we'll be working with Amber Kae (@creepshowcreative), the Social Media Manager at Barrett's Haunted Mansion & Hayride Manager at Spooky World, to promote the event. Her level of expertise and experience in the haunt industry are a huge asset and we're stoked to work with her.

For the last few weeks on the podcast we've been teasing more frequent updates to the blog, and here is that first step. We're going to try to post weekly, if not a few times per week. Matty boy is up next with the first in an ongoing series he's working on. Stay tuned next week.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for the support. And oh yeah, go buy yourself a ticket to Haunts and Hops.

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